If there is a way to make some money off of Santa time, then we will find a way to do it and the shopping centres certainly have market cornered when it comes to Santa photography, in every major shopping mall/centre there will be some poor bloke dresses in red, sweating the hours away and having multiple children sitting on his lap, so proud beaming parents can have the picture for Christmas day. If you can get away with not going shopping at this time take it because the line is usually so long around the Santa area that it is nearly impossible to get through, snails would be considered fast movers with the amount of progress you are going to be making. Half of these people will be gawkers and the other half are in line to get the holiday snap. It is a fine money making machine.

There are entire groups of men who become Santa and if they are really good and are patient with the children, dont mind a bit of pee occasionally and are sober, then they will be asked back again. Some men are so into the Christmas spirit that they have their own suits and beards, this is dedication to a one year event and they are highly sort after characters, the ones that play the part so well you almost start to believe yourself. I think it is just so they legitimately get to talk and hang out with short skirted elves every day, I dont want to know what goes on in the Santa house after hours. Mrs. Clause might have a thing or two to say, if she found out, that would be funny, a woman turning up all female Santa suited up and starts whomping on Santa and the latest elf.

Would certainly be the talking point of the silly season and you can bet it would go national on the news programs. The one thing forevent photography in Brisbane is that they havent started bringing the big guy out until December, unlike anything else to do with Christmas, he still is hidden away until it is close to the big day. The decorations and trees, lollies and presents may all be on display end of October beginning of November but the Santa man is still waiting to be revealed and it makes it that little bit more exciting, that everyone has to wait. You know he is coming when the house is put up and all the little windows are filled with little elf scenes of toy workshops with cute mice lingering in the corners.

It is only a matter of days before the camera is set up, the board with the prices and Santa times is on display and the crowds start to gather, this is the signal for any sane person to flee the scene, take note of the times so that you can come back when the crowds have thinned photo booth hire in Brisbane.